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2024 Events

Join us at National Field Days from June 12-15, as we showcase our solutions for optimal livestock nutrition.At Nutrinza, we understand that success in agriculture begins with the right nutrition, and that's why we're proud to offer custom-blended feed solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your farm. Explore our comprehensive range of products, including essential minerals and additives, specially formulated calf feed, high-quality HSR Maize Seed, and our innovative inoculant solutions....

January 22, 2024

Nutrinza partners with Agrecovery to make recycling easier for farmers

Nutrinza cares about sustainability and is partnering with Agrecovery to bring farmers an easy and sustainable recycling process for their woven Nutrinza product bags.  Agrecovery is a non-profit charitable trust that provides New Zealand farmers and growers with nationwide programmes for the disposal of unwanted agrichemicals and waste. Agrecovery aims to provide sustainable options for rural communities to dispose of their farm plastics conveniently and for free. Agrecovery's Pr...

October 27, 2023

Farmers invited to explore Nutrinza's blending facilities

Nutrinza is delighted to announce two upcoming open days for farmers at its custom blending manufacturing stores in Marsden Point and Mt Maunganui. This unique opportunity offers customers a firsthand look into the manufacturing processes behind Nutrinza's high-quality blended feeds.Event highlights:Blended feed demonstrations: See Nutrinza's customised blending techniques that ensure optimal nutrition for livestock.Facility tours: Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of our state-of...

October 20, 2023

Quality maize silage is the season’s opportunity

With a lower milk payout and a potentially hot, dry summer ahead, effective maize management to reduce nutrient and dry matter losses will be key. That’s the view of Nutrinza managing director Warren Morritt who says while maize silage can help fill feed deficits and is full of soluble carbohydrates, which is a great source of feed for cows, it is important to take precautions to minimise waste and costs from spoilage bugs, yeast and mould. He says having good stocks of quality silag...

September 26, 2023

Feed her fat for fertility

As mating season knocks on farmers’ doors, rumen-protected fats will play a crucial role in boosting fertility at a time when farmers simply cannot afford high empty rates. The cost of replacing a cow before its first calving is estimated to be around $1,400, which means getting the right nutrition into the cow before insemination is crucial to ensure she’s healthy and productive.Providing appropriate fats at specific times has many benefits, such as increased milk production, improved ...

September 20, 2023

New Zealand’s fastest-growing brand of maize seed expands its team

In a move that will surely benefit farmers across the Waikato/Bay of Plenty region, HSR Maize Seed has announced the appointment of David Muller as their new HSR sales agronomist. As one of the Waikato and Bay of Plenty region’s most experienced advisors in maize crops, David is poised to make a significant impact in his new role, helping New Zealand farmers and growers to achieve even greater success. Guy Mason, national agronomy sales manager for HSR Maize Seed says David’s appoi...

September 11, 2023

Dairy feed shortages, cost pressures call for feed strategies

As North Island dairy farmers face the challenges of low pasture covers and a reduced milk price, it’s vital they implement a feed strategy that ensures their herd is well-fed leading into peak milk production and mating whilst taking pressure off the pasture to build cover and keeping within Fonterra’s Fat Evaluation Index (FEI). Nutrinza managing director Warren Morritt says a feed strategy using high-fibre supplements that also meets the herd's energy and protein requirements is “e...

August 31, 2023

HSR pulls the numbers on a cost-effective maize season

If you thought being able to recoup the entire cost of your maize seed was unrealistic, think again. HSR Maize Seed agronomy sales manager Guy Mason says he has the numbers to prove HSR Maize Seed is one very real way to achieve cost savings this season.“We know that cost increases, a lower forecast payout and product supply and demand issues are really hitting home for farmers, so they’re looking for any cost savings possible to ease the burden,” Mason explains.“Growing m...

August 25, 2023

Nutrinza bolsters its accreditation for feed safety

Leading New Zealand animal feed nutrition and manufacturing company Nutrinza has been awarded FeedSafeNZ accreditation for its custom blending manufacturing stores in Stratford and Marsden Point, adding to an existing accreditation of its Mount Maunganui-based store.It’s an accomplishment that showcases the company's outstanding dedication to feed safety practices.FeedSafeNZ is a programme designed to enhance the quality assurance of New Zealand-produced stockfeed, and to provide inc...

August 16, 2023

Nutrinza opens its new Marsden Point custom blending store

Nutrinza has celebrated the grand opening of its newest custom blending manufacturing store in Marsden Point, Northland.The event marked a significant milestone for the company's commitment to serving the dairy farming community in Northland.The Marsden Point store is a testament to Nutrinza's dedication to providing top-quality service and tailored feed solutions that meet local dairy farmers' current and future needs. With its store designed to deliver custom blends, the company aims to suppor...

May 24, 2023

Dairy conference puts minds to innovation and feeding the world

Nutrinza returns as a silver sponsor of this month's Dairy Business 360 conference, which kicks off at Novotel Tainui in Hamilton on Friday, 30 September.Nutrinza proudly returns as a silver sponsor of this week’s Dairy Business 360 conference in Hamilton.It will be the first Dairy Business 360 conference since the pandemic, kicking off at Novotel Tainui in Hamilton on Friday, 30 September.This year’s Dairy Business 360 focuses on using innovation and technology for the health of farming bus...

February 15, 2023

Research: environment, dairy economy can thrive while exceeding climate targets

New research by Headlands Consulting suggests the blunt tools proposed in the Government’s agricultural emissions consultation document could devastate New Zealand’s economy and crush the country’s largest export sector, when there are better ways to achieve, and even exceed, the climate change targets.Headlands managing director Warren Morritt says better outcomes in terms of reductions in the carbon footprint of milk, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, nitrogen leaching, dairy cow numbers a...

November 22, 2022

Why it's vital to use silage inoculants

As soon as a forage crop is cut its quality will begin to decline, reducing both its dry matter and feed quality. You cannot eliminate these losses, but you can reduce them by observing best practice silage-making.So, what does best practice look like? Procedures like good clamp consolidation and sealing require careful attention to detail. At the same time, it’s also important to use a proven bacterial inoculant as a vital part of ensiling (or forage conservation). The Ecosyl inocul...

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