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Our Story

Nutrinza was created in 2003 to continue to provide a specialist service of customised feed solutions for New Zealand farmers nationwide. With our bulk buying power we can monitor the quality and the distribution of feed and provide economic and efficient service along with quality technical assistance.

Nutrinza recognises and appreciates the challenges of the farming industry and we are aware that the regular, reliable and efficient supply of cost effective feeds are of great importance to all our customers. Our aim is to source, supply and deliver the best product at the best price to our customer.

Nutrinza have the ability to custom blend to your requirements.  We have a fully-computerised blending plant in our Mount Maunganui store (NZFeedSafe Accredited), which ensures accurate and homogenous mixing of your feed and minerals.  Blends are also available from our regional stores in Marsden and Stratford.

Our philosophy is - “If you are going to do the job, do it right”.
We believe this is essential for protecting and maintaining your animals’ health.

Nutrinza is NZ owned and operated

Nutrinza is proud to be New Zealand owned and operated. We have been providing a specialist service of customised feed solutions to New Zealand farmers since 2003 and have grown hugely since then, expanding across all of the North and South Island.

With three FeedSafeNZ Accredited blending plants in Mount Maunganui, Marsden and Stratford, we can spread our high quality service across New Zealand. Nutrinza has a team of highly trained technical sales representatives in both the North and South Island of New Zealand to meet the high demand of customised feed solutions. 

We are FeedSafeNZ Accredited

Feedsafe accredited logo

All of our Nutrinza stores (Marsden Point, Mount Maunganui and Stratford) are FeedSafe Accredited. This means that all of our ingredients and processes are thoroughly tested every year to ensure the best possible standard for our customers.

Being FeedSafeNZ Accredited means

  • A high standard must be upheld to ensure we maintain our FeedSafe accreditation.

  • Ingredients used in the feed are highly nutritious for optimum herd health

  • The risk of contamination is hugely reduced due to strict hygiene practices at each store

  • ·Transparent information about feed additives as FeedSafeNZ ensures these are correctly identified and labelled on the packaging

Agrecovery logo

As seen in our story, Nutrinza cares about sustainability and encourages customers to recycle their farm product bags effectively. This is why Nutrinza has partnered with Agrecovery to make recycling as easy and sustainable as possible for all. 

Who is Agrecovery?

Agrecovery is a not-for-profit charitable trust that provides New Zealand farmers and growers with nationwide programmes for the disposal of unwanted agrichemicals, and the recycling of empty containers, drums, IBCs and small seed, feed and fertiliser bags. Our focus is on providing sustainable options for all farm plastics and achieving better environmental outcomes for rural communities. 

How to recycle your bags with Agrecovery?

  1. Order your free green bag liners for Woven PP plastic (number 5) using the online order form. 

  2. Shake out your Nutrinza product bags and place your emptied bags into the green liner (should fit 100 bags).

  3. Once full, seal the liner with the coded zip tie provided with the liner.

  4. Choose from one of Agrecovery's 200+ locations and drop off your bags for free.

Order your FREE bag liners here...

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Nutrinza is part of the the Intelact Group of Companies - Driving sustainable food production


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