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Silage and Grain Hybrids

2025 planting calendar

Want to know how many days there are between planting and harvesting of HSR Maize Seed? Use HSR Maize Seed's planting calendar to find out more and learn about the HSR hybrids.

Interested in HSR Hybrids?

HSR Maize Seed is proud to be New Zealand and Australia-owned and operated.

HSR Maize Seed is available direct-to-farm through Nutrinza to bring optimum savings to farmers and contractors nationwide.

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Agronomy Sales Manager
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HSR Maize Seed
Sales Agronomist   
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New Zealand’s most cost-effective maize seed

Using HSR Maize Seed is one very real way to achieve cost savings this season. See for yourself. Head to our Facebook and see how we have pulled the numbers.

*Pricing was current when the video was produced. Same calculations apply today for cost savings.


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