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Brutus is a hybrid that has extremely high water use efficiency and exceptional yield for its maturity. It has an early–season growth habit that allows versatility and flexibility in sowing and harvest.

Planting Populations

85,000 TO 100,000seeds/ha
(GRAINS 75-100K)

It is designed for the maize grower who wants a crop that stands well, has a‘Brute’of cob, with an excellent silage yield/ quality or high yielding stockfeed maize grain.

Best grown from all over various environments throughout New Zealand.

Growers in warmer regions looking for a reliable, high yielding, excellent disease tolerant and standability package in an early-maturing maize hybrid, should be growing Brutus. Producing high quality“starchy”feed grain and silage yields. Farmers that want a stable hybrid that has performed exceptionally well across quicker environments in trialling should look at Brutus.

Great staygreen in this hybrid which is noticeable among hybrids in this CRM range.

Plant Types:

105 CRM Silage or Grain

Yield Potential:

Excellent yields with unbelievable disease package.

Plant Height:

Tall plant with large root structure for high WUE.

Grain Type:

Dent x Dent highly digestible feed grain. High Starch content in grain and silage.

General Comments:

Solid yields under various conditions.

Trait Scores + Characteristics


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