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New Zealand's best value maize seed

Researched, trialled and proven

For over 40 years, HSR Maize Seed has been breeding hybrid maize seed using carefully selected and trialled genetics.

We partner with breeders worldwide to source and develop the very best genetic material for local growers. Comprehensive testing for new varieties results in superior maize varieties with exceptional traits that thrive in New Zealand's unique and varied environmental and growing conditions.

Our advancements in hybrid maize seed technology are enabling farmers to cultivate superior crops, bolstering New Zealand's standing in the world as a reliable supplier of produce to feed the global population. We take great pride in being the only maize seed breeder in New Zealand to provide germination test results on each bag of seed, which gives you the assurance that HSR Maize Seed is of the highest quality and meets industry standards.

2025 planting calendar

Want to know how many days there are between planting and harvesting of HSR Maize Seed? Use HSR Maize Seed's planting calendar to find out more and learn about the HSR hybrids.

Interested in HSR Hybrids?

Trust Nutrinza and our HSR Maize Seed specialists for a successful maize crop

HSR Maize Seed is proud to be New Zealand and Australia-owned and operated.

HSR Maize Seed is available direct-to-farm through Nutrinza to bring optimum savings to farmers and contractors nationwide.

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HSR Maize Seed National
Agronomy Sales Manager
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HSR Maize Seed
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HSR Maize Seed and Ecocool – the perfect pairing!

With HSR Maize Seed and Ecosyl silage inoculants, Nutrinza will have you producing the highest-quality forage on-farm, complementing Nutrinza’s wide range of supplementary feeds.


  • Use where silage is heating up when opening up to feed - this will reduce aerobic spoilage from yeasts and mould

  • Contains 100,000 of the proven Lactobacillus plantarum MTD/1 per gram of forage treated for quicker fermentation and performance

  • Contains 200,000 of the Lactobacillus buchineri converting lactic acid to acetic acid to suppress yeast and mould growth

  • Proven to work on all forages for silage

New Zealand’s most cost-effective maize seed

Using HSR Maize Seed is one very real way to achieve cost savings this season. See for yourself. Head to our Facebook and see how we have pulled the numbers.

*Pricing was current when the video was produced. Same calculations apply today for cost savings.

The only trial that matters is the one on your farm


Try HSR Maize Seed today and experience HSR’s hybrid performance first-hand.


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