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HSR Maize Seed

HSR Maize Seed, proudly New Zealand and Australia-owned, has been breeding hybrid maize seed for over 40 years with genetics carefully selected and trialled in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

HSR Maize Seed’s hands-on research and development into new hybrid seeds have made a significant impact on the Australian and New Zealand maize industry. We constantly work with plant breeding partners worldwide to source the highest quality genetic material to develop new exclusive varieties, with superior traits to those currently available. Comprehensive tests are undertaken for new varieties at numerous properties throughout the maize-growing areas of New Zealand and Australia, including in a wide range of environments and growing conditions. Our developments in hybrid maize seed are helping farmers grow better crops, enhancing New Zealand’s global reputation for supplying high-quality products to feed the world.

You can count on Nutrinza and their HSR agronomy team to stand by you and your next HSR crop of premium maize.

New Zealand's best value maize seed.
Great Product, Best Price

HSR Maize Seed is available direct-to-farm through Nutrinza to bring optimum savings to farmers and contractor customers.

Agronomist and long-time crop consultant Guy Mason says with HSR Maize Seed and Volac silage inoculants, Nutrinza is focused on growing high-quality forage on-farm to complement their range of supplementary feeds.

“The partnership between HSR and Nutrinza is based on Nutrinza's strong background in delivering scientifically formulated and proven feed solutions to Kiwi farmers for over 20 years," says Guy.

“You can count on your Nutrinza and their HSR agronomy team to stand by you and your next HSR crop of maize silage.”

High-quality and cost-effective

HSR has been breeding maize varieties for 40 years using genetics from around the world. They are committed to delivering high-quality seed to its customers.

Currently, HSR is the only New Zealand maize seeds breeder to put their germination test results on EVERY bag, reassuring a grower the knowledge that HSR seed is top quality and passes industry standards.

Guy says the trials also stack up, with HSR hybrids compared favourably with competitor brands in the independent FAR Maize Performance Trials in 2019.  

"Not only is HSR maize seed the real deal, but it’s also a great deal at $454 per bag (+GST, + FAR levy) - around 15-20% better value than the other brands on the market.

"All HSR seed is Poncho-treated as standard to ensure the crop gets off to the best possible start – and it’s included in the price of the bag," he adds.

The only trial that matters is the one on your farm

Now is the perfect opportunity for maize growers to compare HSR hybrid performance against their current maize choice. Guys says a couple of bags of HSR Maize Seed up the middle of a paddock will give a true picture of how the crops stack up.

"We let our customers come to the verdict of how well our seed performs without any interference. We’re completely transparent and let the hybrids speak for themselves,” says Guy.

"All you need to do is plant a bag or two alongside your current hybrid and compare. Don’t let anyone tell you that the reason for a great price is that we’re selling low-quality stock, that’s simply untrue - you’re getting the best seed direct from the distributor, plain and simple”, says Guy.

Purchase your seed now!

HSR has seed ready for planting season and invites all interested now to secure some tested bags for your own on-farm trial.  

Contact Guy Mason now at or phone 0508 768 723 to place your order.

HSR maize seed is available through your local Nutrinza Growth Partner.

Call 0508 768 723 or talk with Guy:

Mobile: 027 231 0710

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