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HSR brings new maize seed hybrids to the market

HSR Maize Seed, a leading provider of hybrid maize seed in New Zealand is introducing three new maize seed hybrids to the market for the upcoming growing season.

Triton, MaxTwo, and Spartacus have undergone extensive research and development, including selective breeding and on-farm trials, to ensure their performance and adaptability to New Zealand's diverse climates. They are now available to farmers and growers nationwide.

HSR maize specialist Guy Mason says the hybrids are built for various environmental conditions, including the shorter seasons in the South Island and the warmer conditions found in the North Island.

"It’s exciting to be able to provide farmers with more choice,” Mason says.

"Each HSR Maize hybrid has unique strengths that make them suitable for different situations and ensure high-quality grain or silage," he adds.

Building on generations of research, trials and experience in Australia, HSR introduced its first hybrid maize seed varieties in New Zealand over a decade ago. Since then, the company has continued to innovate and develop its hybrids to capitalise on genetic improvements, enhancing New Zealand’s reputation for growing quality produce to feed the world.

HSR works closely with genetic plant-breeding partners worldwide to source new genetic material for the development of new and exclusive hybrids with superior traits to those currently on the market.

Triton (78 CRM) is a grain or silage hybrid with an excellent yield package and root structure. With the bonus of excellent leaf blight tolerance, Triton is perfect for northern areas.

MaxTwo (100 CRM) is a mid-maturity hybrid that delivers high starch levels for quality silage. It is a perfect option for mid-season from Taupo and northwards, as well as a full season in the lower North Island regions.

"With MaxTwo’s versatility and dual-purpose attributes, it is an appealing solution for New Zealand farmers,” Mason explains.

Spartacus (102 CRM) is a hybrid maize seed that offers a new level of grain yield potential to its maturity group. Spartacus is an ideal choice for grain growers looking for an excellent return on investment with its resilience to diseases and strong root structure.

Triton, MaxTwo, and Spartacus showcase HSR’s dedication to innovation by providing farmers with the latest genetic advancements to create superior seed varieties that optimise results.

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