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It's time for Gypsy Day prep for healthy productive herds

As 1 June, known as ‘Gypsy Day’, approaches, Nutrinza is reminding farmers to prepare for the transition moving day brings.

Thousands of farm managers, contract milkers, and sharemilkers nationwide will be on the move, transporting cows to new farms and relocating equipment, families, and belongings.

Nutrinza managing director Warren Morritt highlights the importance of this day, not just from a logistics point of view but also because the right animal nutrition can ensure a smooth transition.

“Before moving day, we recommend assessing the body condition of your herd well in advance to identify any cows that may need special nutritional attention. Ensuring cows are in good condition will help them cope better with the stress of moving,” he explains.

“Provide any necessary supplements to boost the health and immunity of the cows before the move. This may include minerals, vitamins, and energy-dense feeds.”

He says a transitional feed management plan is also important. It ensures that a continuous and adequate supply of feed is on hand before, during, and after the move.

“Once moved, check the quality and quantity of pasture available and make arrangements for any immediate blends, supplements or minerals needed for optimal cow nutrition,” he adds.

Morritt recommends making any necessary dietary changes gradually to avoid digestive upset. Sudden changes in diet can lead to decreased milk production and health issues.

“You can also consider using stress-relief supplements or probiotics that can help maintain gut health and reduce the impact of stress from the move.”

It’s important to closely monitor the health and condition of the herd after the move, looking out for any signs of stress or nutritional deficiencies so they can be addressed quickly.

“We can help farmers quickly adjust feeding regimes and strategies based on the new environment and any immediate challenges observed. Maintaining her productivity and health is critical, and our team are well-placed to support this,” he says.

Nutrinza reminds farmers to let their team know if they are making any changes to the team on Gypsy Day, including new key contacts and authorisations for orders and contracts. The team is also ready to provide tailored feeds and services, designed to help farmers achieve higher productivity and profitability through science-based nutrition.

For more information and support, contact Nutrinza's expert team of technical sales representatives at 0508 768 723 or email them at They are ready to assist you with all your herd’s nutritional needs.


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