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Nutrinza partners with Agrecovery to make recycling easier for farmers

Nutrinza cares about sustainability and is partnering with Agrecovery to bring farmers an easy and sustainable recycling process for their woven Nutrinza product bags.  

Agrecovery is a non-profit charitable trust that provides New Zealand farmers and growers with nationwide programmes for the disposal of unwanted agrichemicals and waste. Agrecovery aims to provide sustainable options for rural communities to dispose of their farm plastics conveniently and for free. 

Agrecovery's Product Stewardship Scheme is a solution for recycling seed, feed, and fertiliser bags (25kg and under in size). Bags must be made of LDPE plastic (number 4) or Woven PP plastic (number 5) and meet Agrecovery’s eligibility criteria to be accepted.  

It is easy and FREE to recycle using Agrecovery. 

  1. Order your free green bag liners for Woven PP plastic (number 5) using the online order form.  

  1. Shake out the 25kg or less Nutrinza product bag and place the emptied bags in the green liner bag (should fit 100 bags). 

  1. Once full, seal the liner with the coded zip tie provided with the liner. 

  1. Choose from one of Agrecovery’s 200+ locations and drop off your bags for free.  

North Island:  

South Island:  

The programme is much more than just recycling. It is a whole lifecycle approach to products, starting with the design of the packaging, through to its use and subsequent disposable to ensure the smallest environmental footprint.  

Nutrinza’s team worked carefully to design and produce new calf feed bags that would meet the criteria for the programme and continue the organisation's long-term journey and commitment towards sustainable food production.  


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