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Base Feeds


PKE10 is a blend of 90% Palm Kernel and 10% Molasses.  

Feeding Recommendations

PKE10 can be fed in the paddock, feed pad, or as a component of in-shed blends. If fed in the shed, it is best to mix PKE10 with other feeds. PKE10 is a safe feed option, but if fed at high inclusion rates (more than 4kg DM per day), cows should be appropriately adapted to the feed. 

Note: Consult your milk supply company for FEI guidelines





Crude protein







PKE makes up 90% of PKE10 and is a by-product of palm oil production, therefore the nutritional values can vary slightly during the season. 

Nutritional Benefits

The addition of Molasses to Palm Kernel makes it more palatable, improving consumption and ease of introduction to animals. The increased soluble sugars will assist rumen function and feed conversion.

Supplementing cows with PKE10 will not cause significant pasture substitution which will increase total feed intake.

This product is not dusty but still flows with ease, making it ideally suited for in-shed feeding systems.

PKE10 is GM free.

Want to find out more?

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Cattle Feed Storage on Farm

As with any grain or meal feed products need to be kept dry as moisture combined with heat can cause fungi to grow. Common on farm storage methods are: in a shed or unused fertiliser bin; in a covered pit; on a concrete pad; or in a cutting, covered with plastic sheet and tyres. Most feed should be used reasonably expediently (within 40 - 50 days). The longer you plan to store feed products the better your storage facilities need to be.


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