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Ecosyl™ 100 

Ecosyl™ 100 silage inoculant is ideal for grass and legume silage. A proprietary L. plantarum strain MTD/1 works quickly and efficiently on a wide range of pH, temperature and dry matter to help make consistently better silage. 

Ecosyl™ 100 Features

  • Applies 1 million viable bacteria per gram of forage (from continuous culture techniques)

  • Dominates fermentation to lactic acid reaching pH 4 faster

  • High ability to withstand challenges from Soil (Clostridia) and slurry (Enterobacteria) bacteria

  • 4-5% extra nutrients in the silage

  • Works across a wide range of dry matter

  • More palatable silage with improvements of 7-8% plus in beef performance and 4/5 kgs of milk solids per ton of silage fed

Nutritional Benefits

  • Reduces fermentation DM losses 

  • Preserves nitrogen as true protein 

  • Makes better use of available sugars 

  • Improves DM recovery +3.6% (28 trials) 

  • Improves protein preservation +3.5% (22 trials) 

  • Increases digestibility of silage (26 trials) 

User Recommendations

  • One Ecosyl™ 100 bottle treats 100 MT of silage 

  • 24-month shelf life in a cool, dry place 

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