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Calf Milk Replacer

Blossom Hi-Spec

Blossom Hi-Spec is a whey-based calf milk replacer made from Imunopro® a unique process that concentrates the bioactive goodness of milk for the benefit of the calf.

Feeding Recommendations

After colostrum is completed, feed Blossom Hi-Spec all the way through to weaning. Ideal for robotic calf feeders, twice-a-day, once-a- day, and ad lib feedings. Mix 150g Blossom with 850 ml water for 1litre of milk replacer.

*Based on feeding 900g Blossom Hi-Spec as 6 litres of milk replacer a day.

Note: Consult your milk supply company for FEI guidelines

ME (MJ/kg DM)










Vitamins & Additives




Leucine Amino Acid at 900g feed rate


Nutritional Benefits

The considered solution for large herds

Formulated to support 900g average daily gain*

High levels of limiting amino acids and nutrients to encourage skeletal growth

Easy to mix in warm or cold water

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Cattle Feed Storage on Farm

As with any grain or meal feed products need to be kept dry as moisture combined with heat can cause fungi to grow. Common on farm storage methods are: in a shed or unused fertiliser bin; in a covered pit; on a concrete pad; or in a cutting, covered with plastic sheet and tyres. Most feed should be used reasonably expediently (within 40 - 50 days). The longer you plan to store feed products the better your storage facilities need to be.


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