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Protein Feeds

Corn Gluten Feed

A by-product from the manufacture of corn starch and corn syrup, it is a medium protein feed and is a major feed ingredient in ruminant diets, particularly for beef and dairy cattle.

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Feeding Recommendations

Corn Gluten Feed has medium palatability and may be included in the feed up to a level of 50% or fed to cows at a rate of up to 5g per cow per day.

Note: Only available for blending via Mount Maunganui. 





Crude protein






Nutritional Benefits

This is a relatively high-fibre, medium-energy, medium-protein product. The protein is degraded relatively rapidly in the rumen. Its fibre is highly digestible and can be substituted for grains to reduce the starch load in the rumen. The high fibre content may help to prevent rumen acidosis. Corn Gluten Feed is much richer in cell wall constituents than maize grain and has a low lignin content of about 1.2% DM. It is low in calcium but has relatively high levels of phosphorus and potassium.

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Cattle Feed Storage on Farm

As with any grain or meal feed products need to be kept dry as moisture combined with heat can cause fungi to grow. Common on farm storage methods are: in a shed or unused fertiliser bin; in a covered pit; on a concrete pad; or in a cutting, covered with plastic sheet and tyres. Most feed should be used reasonably expediently (within 40 - 50 days). The longer you plan to store feed products the better your storage facilities need to be.


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