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Trace Mineral Premixes

Ultramin Sel-Gold™


These trace mineral blends have been developed for on-farm addition to feed blends or liquid trace mineral supplementation.

Bag of MineralBoost Bovatec 20CC

Feeding Recommendations

If this product is applied to feed (rather than dissolved and administered as a drench or in the water via a mixed with 45g of a carrier to 5g of Ultramin Sel-Gold™ (ratio of 9:1) so that the combined application rate is 50g/cow/day.

The dose rate may be adjusted by a qualified nutritionist or vet depending on an assessment of the herd’s current mineral status, and level of production being targeted.

This is a soluble product suitable for water dispensers, drenching or applying via the feed.












Nutrinza Ultramin Sel-Gold™ is a soluble mixture designed to be administered to lactating dairy cows through the drinking water (troughs and in-line), via power drenching systems or mixed with feed.

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Cattle Feed Storage on Farm

As with any grain or meal feed products need to be kept dry as moisture combined with heat can cause fungi to grow. Common on farm storage methods are: in a shed or unused fertiliser bin; in a covered pit; on a concrete pad; or in a cutting, covered with plastic sheet and tyres. Most feed should be used reasonably expediently (within 40 - 50 days). The longer you plan to store feed products the better your storage facilities need to be.


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