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Dairy conference puts minds to innovation
and feeding the world

15 February 2023

Nutrinza returns as a silver sponsor of this month's Dairy Business 360 conference, which kicks off at Novotel Tainui in Hamilton on Friday, 30 September.

Nutrinza proudly returns as a silver sponsor of this week’s Dairy Business 360 conference in Hamilton.

It will be the first Dairy Business 360 conference since the pandemic, kicking off at Novotel Tainui in Hamilton on Friday, 30 September.

This year’s Dairy Business 360 focuses on using innovation and technology for the health of farming businesses, dairy farmers, local communities, and the economy.

Jono Buchly, an organiser of Dairy Business 360 and business manager at Headlands, says there is an impressive line-up of speakers this year who will explore the biggest challenges facing agriculture and how technology can address those issues to make farming better and more enjoyable.

“We’re thrilled to have New Zealand businessman and former television presenter Sir Ian Taylor provide the keynote address,” says Buchly.

“Sir Ian, now the founder and managing director of Animation Research Ltd, will reflect on how he started his business, which has become one of the top computer animation companies in New Zealand and is recognised internationally, particularly in television advertising and sports graphics. He will provide some insights into how innovation could be better used in farming,” he adds.

"We also have Ben Speedy who will discuss future access to capital, Wayne Langford, Bay of Plenty-based dairy farmer and vice president of Federated Farmers who will discuss mental health and ‘Meat the Need’, and Hamish Gower, a passionate advocate for the sector who will speak to the latest market developments.

“David Downes wraps up the day, focusing on personal development and what he has learnt as a cancer survivor,” he says.

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