Soya Bean Hull


Soya beans are primarily processed for their oil, which leads to the generation of two primary by-products - soya bean meal and soya bean hulls. Soya bean hulls are the outer coating of the soya bean and this hull is removed when soya beans are processed into soya bean meal. Soya bean hulls are made up of pellets and loose meal (broken pellets) as they can be difficult to pellitise and have low durability.  There is no guarantee product will arrive as a pellet and will more likely resemble a crumble.  With respect to nutritional value, loose and pelleted hulls are equal. 

Nutritional Benefits

Soya bean hulls are a highly digestible fibre source. They can replace both the fibre and some of the grain portion of the diet due to their energy level and digestibility. In diets where forage is being consumed Soya Bean Hulls can have a positive impact on forage intake and digestibility.

Feeding Recommendations

Soya Bean Hulls can be fed from 0.5 - 5 kg per cow per day. At higher levels of intake (greater than 3kg/day) adequate fibre must be provided and a mineral supplement containing an ionophore such as Rumensin or Bovatec to prevent bloat is recommended.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

ME (MJME/kg DM)12
Crude Protein13.5%
Crude Fat3%