Palm Kernel Expeller


Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) is produced from the mechanical extraction of oil from the fruit of the Oil Palm.

Nutritional Benefits

PKE is a good source oil and rumen fermentable fibre, which usually improves butter fat test.

Although high in Neutral Detergent Fibre, PKE does not cause significant pasture substitution, owing to the high level of rumen by-pass NDF in PKE. PKE contains nearly no starch and can be safely fed with ad libitum access in the paddock.

Feeding Recommendations

The quickest and easiest introduction of PKE to your stock can be achieved by making the PKE available free-access in the paddock to the livestock in a trough or trailer where the stock can eat the product in their own time. This usually results in dairy cattle consuming 1-2 kg/c/d within four days. If feeding in the bail through a silo, it is best to have the PKE mixed with other feeds.  Then increase the inclusion rate slowly, being guided by their ability to consume the feed.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

ME (MJME/kg DM)11.6
Crude Protein14 - 16%
Crude Fat7 - 9%