Nutrinza's Mineral Options


Nutrinza offers a cost-effective range of minerals for inclusion in feed blends.
This range provides adequate quantities of the 3 main macro minerals (calcium, magnesium and salt) for lactating cows.
We also offer the macro minerals with Bovatec and Zinc (during FE season).

Nutrinza Mineral Range

Max Mineral Standard

  • At 200g/c/d this provides the cow with
    • 60g Elemental Calcium
    • 15g of Elemental Magnesium
    • 9g of elemental Sodium.

Max Mineral Standard plus Bovatec

  • This option provides the standard macro minerals plus 1.5g of Bovatec for increased production and bloat control.

Max Mineral Standard with Zinc

  • Provides 9.6g of Elemental Zinc (12g of Zinc Oxide). For facial eczema season.

Nutritional Benefits

Daily supplementation of macro minerals is crucial to replace minerals used in milk production – putting back what we take out. It is also critical for optimum rumen functioning and cow health.
Bovatec has proven benefits in terms of increased production, bloat control, reduction in ketosis and control of Coccidiosis.

Feeding Rate

200g/c/d in feed blends.