Ecosyl 100


Ecosyl 100 is a grass silage inoculant and can be used for a wide range of crops and ensiling conditions.

It has been thoroughly proven to better fermentation and animal performance.

Ecosyl 100 contains MTD/1 - a special strain of bacteria which is only found in the Ecosyl range of silage additives.

Features and Benefits

Ecosyl 100 contains MTD/1 bacterial strain;  the world's most proven inoculant.  The complete domination of the MTD/1 bacteria in the treated silage results in a rapid pH fall during the critical first 24 hours after ensilement

Increased dry matter retention

Improve digestibility of ensiled feeds, which in turn increases milk yield.  A summary of lactation studies has shown milk production was significantly increased (by as much as 4.6%)

Mixing and Application

Ecosyl 100 is available for liquid application only

One bottle treats 100T of forage as harvested

Versatile liquid application:

  • Any applicator – standard to ULV
  • Apply from 20 ml/t to 2 l/t

Tank mix life: 48 hours. The ULV tank mix can also be stored for up to 10 days in a fridge

GMO free and suitable for organic use


Shelf life: OPENED - Place cap firmly back on the container to prevent moisture build up.  Store in cool, dark place.  Stored in ideal conditions, product should be good for approx. 9 months.

Shelf life: UNOPENED - 24 months in a cool, dry place.

Product can be stored in the fridge or freezer, if, for next season or over winter.