Dried Distillers Grains


Corn distillers grains or DDGS is the main by-product of the distillation of alcohol and industrial ethanol from maize grain.

DDGS is golden in colour and is also known as "golden DDGS"

Nutritional Benefits

DDGS is rich in protein and moderately rich in fat.

One benefit of DDGS over cereal grains is that, as their energy is primarily provided as readily digestible fibre and fat, they have a propensity to alleviate incidence and severity of acidosis, laminitis and fatty liver caused by rumen starch fermentation.

Feeding Recommendations

As a rule, a maximum of 20% (diet DM) DDGS should be included in the ration.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

ME (MJME/kg DM)13
Crude Protein30%
Crude Fat7%