Diamond V XPC


Diamond V XPC is an all-natural, fermentation-based feed additive.  It is not a single compound, but a product composed of numerous beneficial metabolites (proteins, peptides, antioxidants, phytosterols, organic acids and nucleotides) together with betaglucans and mannans to support animal health and performance.

Nutritional Benefits

Diamond V is among the best researched products available to the dairy industry (in excess of 110 peer-reviewed journal articles), with proven benefits including:

  • Improved Dry Matter Intake (registered FDA claim)
  • Improved Milk Protein Yield and test
  • Improved Milk Fat Yield and test
  • Reduced risk of acidosis or SARA
  • Improved feed digestion and greater Nutrient availability
  • Improved Immunity

For calves, benefits also include:

  • Improved rumen development
  • Less illness
  • Lower need for antibiotic treatments
  • Higher weaning weights

Feeding Recommendations

Lactating Dairy Cows - 14 grams
Pre-Weaned Calves - 3.5 grams
Post-Weaned Calves - 7 grams

Diamond V XPC is available in 25kg bags (40 bags on a pallet) or as a feed additive in blends.