Bovatec, like Rumensin is an ionophore, however does not have the same palatability issues of other ionophores.  These compounds are classed as rumen modifiers which improve performance by enhancing the activities of the beneficial rumen microflora.  This increases the production of propionic acid and reduces the production of methane which increases the efficiency of feed conversion into milk.

Nutritional Benefits

In addition to boosting feed efficiency and gain without compromising feed intake, Bovatec also help control ketosis with a subsequent improvement in immune function which can aid in reducing the incidence of clinical mastitis in lactating dairy cows.  Bovatec has also been shown to reduce bloat scores and improves weight gains in cattle on pasture.

Feeding Recommendations

For best effect use Bovatec in the transitional diet pre-calving through to mid-lactation and during periods of bloat risk.  Feed at a rate of 1.5 grams per cow per day or 2.0 grams per cow per day for bloat control.