Blossom Hi Spec Calf Milk Replacer


Nutrinza Limited, is the sole importer of Blossom Hi Spec Calf Milk Replacer.
Blossom Hi Spec holds the largest market share in Ireland, England, Norway and Scandinavia.

The one-bag product, dissolves very easily in cold or warm water (not above 40C).  This eliminates ALL of the normal mixing hassles.

The nutritional specs.:

  • 25% Protein
  • 17% Fat
  • 46% Sugars
  • 19.6 MJ ME/kg powder

Based on a (Jan - Jun 2020) Waikato / BOP delivered on farm price and a $7.30/KG MS forecast payout, Blossom Hi Spec is 25% more cost effective than taking milk out the vat.

There are much bigger benefits, other than a possible financial advantage.

Blossom Hi Spec is dried by ultra-filtration.  It therefore retains the original molecular structure and consequently is much easier to digest than conventional heat-treated product (be it casein or whey-based).  This process means your calves get ALL of the good proteins that is usually killed off with traditional whey based products.

Most immunoglobulins (“antibodies”) and other bio-active compounds are still intact and active, again as opposed to heat-treated product. This means the gut is well protected from bacterial, viral and protozoal diseases; more so than with fresh milk or conventional CMR’s.

The product is higher in protein than in fat by design; the aim is to get fast, lean growth rather than fat deposition. Fat deposition in immature udders leads to lower production levels as heifers and adults and this is for life.

We’ve had a good number of clients use Blossom Hi Spec over the last two years and we can confirm we do seem to get fast, lean growth (around 1 kg BWG per day) with calves achieving high skeletal growth. 

Blossom Hi Spec is ideal for once-a-day, twice-a-day, ad-lib feeding or robotic-calf feeding

Blossom Hi Spec use the Imunopro ® process to concentrate the proteins, fat and sugar components, using it as a base for the product formulation

Blossom Hi Spec includes the full range of vitamins and minerals required by growing calves

  • The Nutry-Lyst ™ health supplement is added
    • for improved gut performance
    • nutrient absorption
    • reduced risk of diarrhoea
  • Blossom Hi Spec has added butyrate to drive
    • gut blood flow and villi growth
    • promote water absorption and
    • stimulate enzyme secretion
      ….. for improved digestive performance

Blossom Hi Spec has a shelf life of 15 months.


For twice a day feeding start off with Blossom Hi Spec at 2 litres per feed, fed twice a day (2 x 2L) = 600g of CMR based on the 150g (mixed in 850ml water) feeding rate.
Increase this from Day 6 to get to 6L/day by day 19 (this will be equivalent to 900g CMR per calf per day). 

Based on this feeding regime the kg/calf required is:

  • Day 1 - 3: Colostrum
  • Day 4 – 7: 4 days x 750g/day = 3kg
  • Day 8 – 35: 28 days x 900g = 25.2kg
  • Day 36 – 49: Day 36: 750g/day for 14 days.  14 x 750g = 10.5kg
  • Day 50 – 56: Once-a-day feeding. 375g for 7 days. 7 x 375g = 2.625g
  • Total: Approx. 41.3kg based on the 900g/calf/day approach (Refer to feeding graph below)

The Mixing Rate:

  • Add 150 gr Blossom Hi Spec to 850 ml of water to give you 1 L of made-up product


  • Mix 165 gr of Blossom Hi Spec to 1000 ml of water
  • Cold or warm (not above 40°C )
  • 20 KG Blossom makes 133 L of milk

Once-A-Day Feeding Plan:

Please Note: calves need to be prepared gradually to adapt to an OAD feeding regime.

It is crucial that calves get colostrum within 6 hours of birth. If possible, provide them with colostrum for the first 3 days.

If it not possible/practical to provide colostrum for the full 3 days, use the following approach from arrival:

1st feed on evening of arrival as an electrolyte feed

DAY 1-2:

  • Mix 2.550 liters of water with 0.450kg Blossom on the 1st morning after arrival as well as on the 2nd morning.
  • Also feed 1.7 liters of water mixed with 0.3kg of Blossom in the evenings.

All calves can then be reared using the following approach:

DAY 3-4:

  • Mix 3.4 liters of water with 0.6kg of Blossom for the morning feed.
  • For evening feed mix 0.2kg of Blossom with 0.8 liters of water.

DAY 5-6:

  • Mix 3.2 liters of water with 0.8kg of Blossom for the morning feed.
  • Two liters of electrolytes for the evening feed.

DAY 7:

  • Mix 4.1 liters of water with 0.9kg of Blossom for the morning feed.
  • Two liters of electrolytes for the evening feed.

DAY 8 onward:

  • Continue with 4.1 liters of water with 0.9kg of Blossom only once a day and no more electrolyte in the afternoon.

Incremental weaning process:

From 6 to 7 weeks of age:

  • Mix 3.2 liters of water with 0.8kg of Blossom for the morning feed.

Week 8:

  • Give calves only 0.375kg of Blossom mixed with 2.125 liters of water.

Wean at the end of week 8.


  • At any stage if scouring occurs, ease off on the quantity of milk being fed, but maintain the concentration of 0.2kg of Blossom mixed into 0.8 liters of water.
  • If scouring occurs in the initial stages, feed 2-3 liters of electrolytes at midday and replace the evening feed with 3 liters of electrolytes as well.
  • Introduce calf starter feed right from the start and always provide clean water. The calves will not eat the calf starter feed if no water is available.
  • All these recommendations are calculated to be used as PER CALF. 
  • Each calf requires a total of 44.6kg of Blossom if fed from Day 1 (or 42.3kg if fed from day 4).

Milk fortification using Blossom Hi-Spec

Blossom Hi-Spec is ideal for milk fortification, especially in a once-a-day feeding regimes.

To fortify milk using Blossom the following rate is recommended:

  • 75g / litre of milk
  • but not exceeding a total of 300g of Blossom/calf/day
  • I.e. use 300g of Blossom in 4 litres of Milk

If the litres of milk fed is increased, the Blossom inclusion should reduce to stay at a max of 300g/Blossom/calf/day.

  • E.g. if 6 litres of milk is fed, reduce the fortification rate to 50g / litre milk

Do not exceed a DM% of 20-21% in the fortified milk (milk is about 13.5% DM).

High osmolality (high DM%) results in a slower abomasum emptying rate which could lead to excessive gas production and bloat.

It is recommended that Fortimilk Gold is used in conjunction with the fortified milk to provide the essential minerals, vitamins, probiotics and to control coccidiosis and cryptosporidium.