Blossom Hi-Spec Calf Formula


  • 25% protein and ME = 19.6 Mj/kg DM
  • Blossom Hi-Spec is formulated to achieve a daily growth rate of 900gr/day (if fed at 900gr CMR per day)
  • One step feeding after colostrum, right through to weaning, with no need to switch to assorted products or bag, mid-season
  • Extremely easy mixing, both warm or cold-water
  • Ideal for once-a-day, twice-a-day, ad-lib feeding or robotic-calf feeding
  • Blossom use the Imunopro ® process to concentrate the proteins, fat and sugar components, using it as a base for the product formulation
  • Blossom includes the full range of vitamins and minerals required by growing calves
  • The Nutry-Lyst ™ health supplement is added
    • for improved gut performance
    • nutrient absorption
    • reduced risk of diarrhoea
  • Blossom has added butyrate to drive
    • gut blood flow and villi growth
    • promote water absorption and
    • stimulate enzyme secretion ….. for improved digestive performance
  • Shelf life of 15 months

Mixing Rate

150gr / litre of water
20Kg Blossom makes 133L of milk