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Blossom Hi-Spec

Calf Milk Replacer

Blossom Hi-Spec is a whey-based calf milk replacer made from Imunopro® a unique process that concentrates the bioactive goodness of milk for the benefit of the calf.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Formulated to support 900g average daily gain*

  • High levels of limiting amino acids and nutrients to encourage skeletal growth

  • Easy to mix in warm or cold water

Feeding Recommendations

After colostrum is completed, feed Blossom Hi-Spec all the way through to weaning. Ideal for robotic calf feeders, twice-a-day, once-a- day, and ad lib feedings. Mix 150g Blossom with 850 ml water for 1litre of milk replacer. Full feeding programme online at:

*Based on feeding 900g Blossom Hi-Spec as 6 litres of milk replacer a day.

Typical Nutritional Analysis













Also available - Blossom Easymix Calf Milk Replacer 20kg

Reasons why farmers use Blossom Easymix Calf Milk Replacer:

  • Mixes instantly in warm or cold water

  • Can be fed at higher concentrations per litre to improve growth rate

  • Scientifically-proven

  • Formulated with high levels of pure milk protein and a specifically selected blend of fats to give calves the ideal start in life

  • Earlier weaning

  • Lower cost per kilogram live weight gain

  • Consistency to help avoid scour

Product Features

  • Concentrated Milk Protein (CMP). CMP contains a high proportion of ‘true’ protein and has an amino acid balance closely matching the calf’s requirements. Essential calcium and phosphorous without high levels of less desirable minerals.

  • Processed under strictly controlled temperature conditions. The integrity of the protein is retained, and digestibility is high. Biologically important globular proteins (immunoglobulins) are retained in the powder.

  • Carefully researched blend of fat/oil.

  • Co-spray drying of the liquid oil allows excellent emulsification and homogenisation.

  • High Vitamin E and Selenium levels. These support the calf’s immune system and antioxidant status.

  • Finished milk replacers are mildly acidified and also contain Gardion.

  • Ensures excellent mixing characteristics.

  • Double Pasteurisation, destroys most of the bacteria which can be present in whole milk.

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All animal feed products should be fed as part of a healthy balanced diet matched to the specific requirements of the herd. Nutrinza makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the suitability of any of the products supplied to the specific requirements of your animals. Please note that recommended feeding rates are given as a guideline only and will vary based on the total diet and actual feed intake of your animals. It is recommended that you consult your vet, nutritionist or farm consultant before making any dietary changes. Nutritional information is based on accredited feed nutrition sources and sample test results. Specifications on an individual feed test will show some variation.


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